D & D Featherfoot Clydesdales & Carriages
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Unfortunately we must have policies and rules.  We do not like to say "NO" to our customers, but we have found that a few rules are necessary for us to provide the quality service that our clients expect.  Please take a moment to read over the following;  We prefer to communicate with our clients before there is a misunderstanding. 

*Reservations are prepaid and non-refundable.  If you are late for you ride, we may have to shorten it.  If you do not show up for your ride, you will not be credited. 

*If we must cancel your ride, we will reschedule your ride, or refund all charges.  We do our best to notify our clients of cancelations as early as possible, so you may make alternate plans.  Please make sure you have given us contact information when you make your reservation.

* Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your reserved time and have your party ready to board when your carriage arrives. 

* Confirm with your driver that you are getting on the right carriage. Identify your party by name.

*We do not allow smoking or eating on our carriages.  Alcohol is illegal on carriages.  Responsible passengers may bring beverages on a carriage only if they have spill proof lids.

* You purchased a tour. We can give you an approximate time of your tour, but,  horse speed, traffic and street conditions vary. Occasionally we have to change our route because of street conditions and closures, which we have no control over.

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