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Easy To Follow Guidelines On How To Tip Your Limo Driver

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Not all of us can afford to hire a limo service every day. Usually, we hire a limo service for special occasions. Example of this is a bachelor party, prom, or wedding. As such, the majority of us don’t have an idea of the unspoken etiquette in riding a limo. This is true when we talk about how to give a tip for the limo driver. Indeed, tipping a limo driver is one of the awkward things about hiring a limo service. This is because we are unaware of the fees involved and we are too scared to ask. However, tipping shouldn’t be intimidating or confusing. After all, this is a great way to reward the driver with his excellent service. The question now is, how would you exactly tip the limo driver? Here are some effective tips that you can try:

Give the Limo Driver Cash

Some people with kind heart leave a tip to their limo driver via their debit or credit card. However, this will be a problem for the driver. Sometimes, their boss will have to skim their tips and be reduced because of the transaction fees. To make the transaction easier and to cheer up the driver, make sure to tip your limo service Melbourne driver in cash. With this, you can immediately show your gratitude to him.

The Tip Can Vary Depending on the Trip

Tipping your limo driver will depend on the length of the trip. If you are going to the airport from your house, the minimum trip is around $10 to $20. If you would like him to drive for a few more hours, then the tip can be around $50 to $100. Meanwhile, if you are having a night ride, the service fee is around $500, thus, be sure to give the driver a 20% tip. In all other events that you have, you must give a tip of 10% of the base fare to your driver. If you cannot remember these suggestions, just ask your driver on how much he usually get with the tips from past clients.

Be Mindful of the Service Charge

There are chrysler wedding cars Melbourne companies that don’t ask tips for their drivers in some states. To prevent problems in the long run, they have a service charge just like in the restaurants. With this, you don’t have to give a tip for your limo driver. The service charge is 5% of the total bill. This can be a huge amount of money especially if you are hiring the limo for a few hours.